Exhibitions and Auctions are public and open to all.

The aim of the Hotel of Lausanne sales is to gather and attract the largest possible number of potential buyers to sell to the highest bidder of the property entrusted to the name and on behalf of third parties.
Participating auction implies that all buyers or their agents accept and unconditionally adhere to all the conditions of sale. They are deemed to act in their name and on their behalf:

Art. 1 - The auction is made strictly for cash, his conduct and adjudication is in Swiss francs and without warranty.
Before the auction, it is given a plate with a bidder personal number to each person who wishes to purchase. It allows to bid and to be recognized.
This issue also can automatically and immediately establish the slip (invoice) payable at the end of each shift.
The auctioneer reserves the right to reject the bids of those who are not equipped with the wafer bidder number.

Art. 2 - The minimum amount of bids is 10%.

Art. 3 - the Auction legally bound to comply estimates recorded in the reports of his inheritance inventories and contract validated for all other causes of auctions, he is required to bid on the price of its estimate for account of the sellers, if that price is not reached, it goes to auction next batch with a single hammer blow.

Art. 4 - The auctioneer has the right to change the order of items and separate, combine or withdraw lots.

Art. 5 - The Auctioneer also reserves the right to reject a bid offer and / or the awarding of a prize.
Whoever willfully obstructs or distorts the auction will be subject to police penalties.

Art. 6 - The best bidder for a lot is the successful bidder. In case of double auction, causing a dispute between two bidders in the room and / or the phone, real dispute recognized by the auctioneer, the lot will be put to auction immediately.

Art. 7 - Payment for purchases can be made by bank transfer or credit card or in cash (Swiss francs).
The Auction House is free to accept or refuse a payment by some credit cards.
Transfers and accepted credit cards will be subject to a surcharge corresponding to bank actual costs retained.
Checks are not accepted.

Art. 8 - The buyer pays a échute 20% above the lot of each auction price (the 8% VAT is included on this échute).

Art. 9 - For a higher amount of VAT CHF 50, any foreign buyer exporting its lot may request a refund of VAT on dispatch of the export documents validated by Swiss customs.

Art. 10 - The buyer becomes the owner of the lot at the time of full payment.

Art. 11 - Items purchased must be removed and packaged at the risk of the purchaser.

Art. 12 - Fifteen days after the sale, without notice, paid and not withdrawn lots will be furniture repository and stored for a minimum charge of CHF 30 per month, the risk of the purchaser.
The buyer or the client expressly agree that not removed object becomes the property of the auction and the carrier for the resale as soon as the storage costs mentioned exceed the price of the low estimate of the lot .

Art. 13 - The buyer authorizes the auction to publish and disseminate through the media, photographs and illustrations of lots sold at any time and in any order.

Art. 14 - Any warranty for legal or material damage is excluded.
The descriptions in the catalogs were carefully crafted by our experts, and exposure allowed buyers examining the works presented it bought realizing the condition, authenticity and all other features like clear description of possible errors of the lots in the catalogs.
This means that all items are sold in the state they are at the moment of their tender and not be permitted to claim any kind, even if it concerns an incorrect description in the catalog .
The condition of frames is not guaranteed, the usual restorations and relining are regarded as provisional measures and not impaired.
The expert from the sale were available at the exhibition and on request by phone or mail from the distribution of advertising sales.

Art. 15 - Any visitor to the exhibition and sale is liable up to the average estimate price plus fees and VAT damage it causes, directly or indirectly exposed to the lots.

Art. 16 - The purchase orders sent by the site are executed with discretion and courtesy of the Auctioneer. They must be received no later than the day before the sale.
In case of identical purchasing orders, priority will be given to the first order received.
If tied with a buyer in the room, priority will be given to the latter that moved.

All cancellations must be received strictly in writing at least 24 hours before the sale.
To be valid, the order must contain signature and stamp of the management of the Auction.
The Auction House is not obliged to consider a purchase order and shall have no liability if it was executed.

Art. 17 - Telephone bids are accepted for batches from CHF 300 estimate.
Hotel Sales declines all responsibility for any connection problems or failure in performance of an offer, for whatever reason.

Art. 18 - Any dispute concerning the sale is subject to the exclusive application of Swiss law and the jurisdiction of the Courts of the Canton of Vaud, that whatever the place of the auction and domicile of the parties.
However, the auction will be entitled to act in the home or in the buyer's office or any other competent court.
The appeal to the Federal Court is reserved.
Legally, the French text of these terms and conditions is only binding reference.