Vente aux enchères le 20/05/2017 à 14h
Lausanne, Palace & Spa, rue du Grand-Chêne 7, CH-1003 Lausanne
Sale information
Tél. France : +33 (0)6 19 50 76 39 - Tél. Suisse : +41 (0)78 933 23 35

Frais de vente 20% en plus du prix d'adjudication (21,6% avec TVA).

12 DROUOT - 12 rue Drouot 75009 PARIS:
Mardi 16 mai de 10h à 18h  - Mercredi 17 mai de 10h à 18h
LAUSANNE : Samedi 20 mai de 10h à 13h.
Commissaires-Priseurs Experts
Pascal BERQUAT et Christian SORRIANO
Sales conditions

The exhibitions and the auctions are public and open to all, in the auction room and on the Internet with registration specifying the rights and obligations on Drouot Live which distributes the live sale
The purpose of the Lausanne Sales Office is to bring together and interest as many prospective buyers as possible to sell to the best bidders goods in the name and on behalf of third parties.
Previous exhibitions were held at Drouot's premises at 12 rue Drouot 75009 Paris and then at the Palace Spa Grand-Chêne 7-9 1002 Lausanne.
The catalog of the sale can be consulted on the following sites: - -
The fact of participating in the auction implies that all buyers or their representatives accept and adhere unconditionally to all the conditions of sale. They are deemed to act on their account and on their behalf:

Art. 1 - The auction is made strictly in cash, its conduct and auction is in Swiss Francs. Before the start of the bidding, a betting slip with a personal bid number is given to each person who wishes to acquire. It allows to bid and to be recognized. This number also makes it possible to establish automatically and immediately the bill (invoice) payable at the end of each shift. The Auctioneer reserves the right to refuse the auctions of persons who do not have the bidder's plate.

Art. 2 - The minimum amount of overbidding is set at 10%.

Art. 3 - The Hôtel des Ventes is legally obliged to respect the reserve prices recorded in the reports of its inventories of estates and in the contract validated for all other causes of auctions. This reserve price may be modified at the request of the seller until the day before the exhibition, so the auctioneer is obliged to bid on behalf of the sellers, when this price is not reached, it passes to The auction of the next batch by a simple blow of a hammer.

Art. 4 - The auctioneer has the right to modify the order of the batchs and to separate, group or withdraw batchs.

Art. 5 - The Auctioneer also reserves the right to refuse an auction and / or to award a prize.

Anyone who deliberately obstructs or distorts the auction will be liable to police penalties.

Art. 6 - The highest bidder and last bidder of a batch will be the successful bidder.

In the event of a double auction, resulting in a dispute between two bidders in the room and / or on the telephone and / or live via Internet, dispute recognized by the auctioneer, the prize will immediately be auctioned.

Art. 7 - Payment of purchases can be made by bank transfer, bank cards or cash up to 100'000 CHF or in Euros at the exchange rate on the day of the sale. The Hôtel des Ventes is free to accept or refuse a payment by certain credit cards. For EC-Direct and Postcard direct debit cards, they are accepted at no charge. The Maestro Direct Debit Card will be charged 0.50% and Credit Cards, Visa and MasterCard will be charged 2.30% of the total amount charged as part of the fees collected By the issuer of the card.

American Express and other credit cards are not accepted.

Checks are not accepted.

Art. 8 - The buyer pays a 20% discount (selling price) in addition to the auction price of each batch, plus 8% VAT on this batch, ie 21,6% VAT

Art. 9 - For a VAT amount of more than CHF 50, any foreign buyer exporting his batch can apply for refund of VAT on dispatch of the export documents validated by Swiss Customs. For batchs 1 to 121 on temporary admission they will be imported definitively if the buyer is resident in Switzerland or they will be shipped from the seller's country to the buyer's country with application of the Swiss tax exemption legislation. VAT. The batchs from Nos. 1 to 121 are temporarily imported into Switzerland and therefore subject to a 5.5% charge to be paid by the Swiss resident purchaser in addition to the selling costs and the auction price.

Art. 10 - The buyer becomes the owner of the batch only at the moment of its complete payment.

Art. 11 - The purchased batchs must be removed and packed at the buyer's risk.

Art. 12 - Fifteen days after the sale and without notice, the batchs paid and not withdrawn, will be stored in storage and stored at the minimum cost of CHF 30 per month, at the risks of the buyer.

The purchaser or the principal expressly accepts that the undrawn batch becomes the property of the Hôtel des Ventes and the transporter for resale as soon as the storage costs mentioned exceed the price of the low estimate of the batch.

Art. 13 - The buyer authorizes the Hôtel des Ventes to publish and distribute